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All of our frequency systems are software that run on Windows PCs, laptops and tablets.

Our new generation of software compensates for the modern use of a wide variety of computers, operating systems, tablets and smart phones, by allowing you to record your frequency sessions to OGG file universal audio format. These OGG files can then be emailed to patients, clients friends and relatives and will run on iPhone, iPads, Macs, PCs and Android Tablets and phones, with free OGG player apps available in the App Stores.

* Once the programs are activated, you don't need an Internet connection to run them. So they can be run in remote areas on a laptop, or even when the power is out.
Rife Machine Extreme

Life Frequencies (2017)

Life Frequencies (2017) is the latest Rife Machine and Complete Healing System available. It's easy for anyone to use.

The All New Life Frequencies has :

  • Rife Machine X7 - the world's most advanced, powerful Rife Machine with 1142 Fast Rife Presets and Scalar Waves
  • Manual Rife - Enter any frequencies you like and run them in several modes
  • Structuring - Structure water and oils with frequencies to make your own remedies
  • TBSW Pro - You can use TBSW Waves for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, stress relief and more
  • Chakra Tools - Energy balancing and health system to revive your energy centers. Feel 20 year younger!
  • Ancient Tones - Special healing frequencies and waveforms used throughout the history.
  • Sweep Generator - Find new healing frequencies!

Life Frequencies is the new leader in alternative health and it has everything you need to turn your computer into a complete healing system.

With a few mouse clicks you can transform your life and health to new levels. Eliminate over 1100 health problems with the most powerful advanced Rife Machine anywhere. Get pain relief, stress relief, lose addictions and balance your energy for a healthy life.


Rife Machine Extreme

Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2 is one of our older programs that is back by popular demand. It's low cost and wide range of powerful features, make it a great program for those who want the full power of a Rife Machine at an unheard of price.

  • 704 Fast Rife Presets - 2 mouse clicks and your up and running.
  • Structure water and oils and make your own homeopathic remedies.
  • A "lite" version of TBSW for pain relief, stress relief, insomnia and more.
  • Enter any frequencies you like in the Manual Rife section.
  • Single frequency and multi-frequency modes
  • Easy for anyone to use!
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

ZOGG - Free Ogg Player for Windows

ZOGG - FREE Ogg Player for Windows Operating Systems

ZOGG is our 100% FREE ogg player for Windows.

ZOGG lets you play OGG audio files on your Windows PC. Windows Media Player does not play OGG files. ZOGG allows you to play them on windows PCs, Laptops or Tablets.

It's a perfect companion for Life Frequencies Pro II and Rife Machine software.