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We're working on an update for Life Frequencies Pro II to add even more excellent features. As always, updates are free for customers.

The update is expected to be out in two to three months. We want your input, before it's released! If there's something that you would like to see in Life Frequencies Pro II, let us know by using the contact form on this site. Your suggestion may end up in the program. We always appreciate your feedback.

Sometimes we get a question about having to be online to use our systems. You do NOT need to be on the Internet. The only time you need to be online is when you activate the product with your serial number. After that, being online is not necessary. So, you can use these systems out in the boonies where there is no internet connection. This is also handy if there's a power outage, because you can run healing frequencies from your laptop or battery powered Windows tablet.

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Life Frequencies Pro 2

Life Frequencies Pro II

Life Frequencies Pro II is the latest, most powerful healing system to date. This program sets the new standard in Rife Machines and will for years to come. It addresses initial health problems and also things associated with them, like pain, insomnia, stress and more.

Also, Life Frequencies Pro II can record frequency sessions to OGG audio format, there are no boundaries to devices or operating systems. Oggs will run on anything from Android phones to iPads.


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